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Take a few days away from your regular work environment to implement those innovative ideas you once had that relates to prevention, identification, analysis or mitigation of cyber-attacks.

we work to solve cyber security problems.

Featured Activity - Cipher | Decipher

When: October 5 to October 31

In a special exhibition from the Canada Science and Tech Museum in partnership with the Communication Security Establishment, GeekWeek participants will have the opportunity to take part in Cipher | Decipher, a hands-on encryption presentation. Cipher | Decipher will give participants the chance to explore encryption and its impact on the lives of Canadians in both modern and historical contexts through various interactive activities.

Featured Activity - GeekSeek CTF

When: Sunday, October 21, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

GeekWeek’s CTF event, GeekSeek, is a friendly competition where teams of tech enthusiasts will compete against other teams to solve complex cyber security challenges. The CTF will provide participants with an opportunity to sharpen their knowledge through fun and rigorous training, with challenges in varied categories like networks, web, reverse engineering, and more.

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Important Dates

Event: October 18-26th 2018

Extended Application Deadline: September 15th 2018


Library and Archives Canada

395 Wellington Street, Ottawa


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Student Program

Our GeekTalent program, created specifically for students, lets you look behind the curtain of the cyber security industry and network with some of the best cyber security practitioners in the world. Work side by side with experts in the field, demonstrate your knowledge and skills, learn! NOTE: Applications are closed for GeekWeek V, but you can get more information on GeekTalent here, and we hope to see you at GeekWeek VI!

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Please note that this event is strictly by invitation. To apply to attend, please fill out and submit the application form that was provided in the invitation e-mail. The organizers reserve the right to accept or reject your application to participate based on how your project ideas and skills fit with the goal of the event.